How To Adopt A Child In Nigeria

Child Adoption/Fostering In Nigeria

For an adoption to take place, the court has to grant an adoption order depending on the type of adoption taking place.

an adoption order maybe made upon the application of two spouses authorizing them jointly to adopt a juvenile, but in no other case shall an adoption authorize more than one person to adopt a juvenile.

There are chiefly two stages to this process. The formal application to the relevant authority; for example:

Anyone wishing to adopt a child within the ambit of the law must first and foremost lodge an application address to the relevant authority of the particular state or Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

The Person Who Intends To Adopt The Child Must Meet The Following Requirements:

  • The birth certificate of the child
  • Medical certificate which includes fitness of the child
  • The adopting obtained from a recognised government hospital, a jumbo-size photograph of the child, passport photographs of the adopting parents
  • Employment letter from applicant’s employers Is needed
  • Affidavit of record/means deposed to by the applicant (Must disclose other facts relevant to the application), consent letter from the biological parents (where applicable), power of attorney (where adopting parents are represented by a lawyer).
  • However, during submission of the application, the applicant is expected to make statutory payment which varies from state to state.
  • Furthermore, when the  application together with the accompanying documents has been appropriately presented to the satisfaction of the child welfare officer, a formal application is then made to the court.
  • Finally the hearing of the application may be in open court or in chambers and where the court is satisfied, it makes an award granting custody to the applicant as prayed, otherwise the application would be canceled.

After the whole adoption process you are now free to take your fostered child home.


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